“Khao Tham Bunnak Buddha image, replica footprint and mountain scenery.”

The Cave of Bunnag is mountainous. The cave is about 25-30 meters high. Inside the cave is a Buddha image and footprint. There is a chimney to the light from the peak. The atmosphere in the cave is not damp, but it is cool because of the wind coming down the crater and out the mouth of the cave. At the foot of the cave mouth, there is a spacious cave temple.

Travel: A dirt road about 6 kilometers from the district, 80 kilometers from the province.

For more information, please visit: Nakhon Sawan Tourism Information Center 056-221602, 056-221034, 056-221656-114

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Khao Boonnak Cave


Takluea, Tak., Nakhon Sawan 60140 Map

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