“Visit the tea plantation and try the tea tasting flavor, excellent for Fun.Oolong tea is grown in Thailand first, then touch the lives of the Chinese people on the mainland.”

Tea plantations located on Mae Suai District., Chiang Rai's breeding ground of tea. The species "Assam" tea varieties Taiwan Qing Numbers 12, 13, and Cha "oolong" is characterized as strongly because Fun is growing Oolong's first Thailand uncle. Global collapse: Observation Vary over the age of 60, men love the taste of oolong tea.It started in Thailand way back 30 years ago. And it is a trial and error and only 8 years now since developed into Oolong tea in Thailand. A great taste!.

The Fun addition to tasting the tea shop with tea and tea plantations to visit with the locals lined planting. Then cascades down the mountainside. Fun with the "tea thousand years" to develop a new home is one of the tourist attractions. Tea thousand years earlier. Regions trunk circumference was 150 cm tall and 20 meters as Assam tea varieties. Up naturally. Fun on a long time ago. The leaves were a popular folk "complementing" eat to be healthy.

Car. Take the same route to Doi Chang. However driving down the road at the foot of Mount ARD - you will love the new fog at distance 55 km during the first 22 km and Winding up the mountain. Road surface. Through the junction to Doi Chang. Ban Thung Chang Ban Huay Krai, then a dirt road to central bulge of water that paved the way for another 20 miles through checkpoints at 237 Frontier School. Wawee sciences.Community is  noticeable.

Bus and minibus with yellow lines Suai -from 8:00 to 17:00 PM 

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