“Wat Den Salee Sri Muang Gan The Ethics of Faith A tempting temptation to people.”

The temple was built according to Lanna Art. The temple is beautifully beautiful with Lanna Thai art. It is a mental retreat. Attract people to the temple. View the beauty hidden behind the rules. It is a trick to draw people to the temple to purify the mind. And absorb the teachings. As well as visiting this Buddhist temple.


There is also a chapel, a lintel, a temple, Inthakil. Golden Teapot, Lanna Temple, Stupa, Stupa The temple was built by Kruba Chao Tueng who was invited by Kruba Chaiya, Wat Pa Kham, Doi Saket District. Chiangmai Province To chair the construction From the beginning to the present.

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Wat Den Salee Sri Muang Gan Wat Ban Den


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