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Kampong Mae is located in Mae On District, Chiangmai, a small village hiding in the jungle. There are clear streams flowing through. The happiness of coming to Mae Kampong village is to experience the fresh air, the nature of the forest, natural streams and typical lifestyles of people. The living of the villagers is still in harmony with the purity of nature.
Here is not far frm Chiang ...
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The loveliness of the scenery is an attraction that makes visitors fall in love with this place. There are also fields of Rhododendron for the travelers to see. Rhododendrons are very hard to find in Thailand, one of the places where we can find them is Hua Sing peak, which is the highest peak on Omkoi. Rhododendrons will blossom in the sunlight, which is a very beautiful picture that tourists com... read more
Wiang Kum Kam is an ancient city (meaning "walled city") located in Saraphi District in the northern region of Thailand, around 3 km (1.9 mi) south of the southeastern corner of Chiang Mai's city Centre.According to the chronicles and archaeological evidence, the old city was built by King Mangrai around the latter part of the 13th century.... read more
Pha Cho (Mae Wang National Park) was named Grand Canyon, Thailand. High cliffs, which have been eroded for many years. It is a beautiful natural sculpture.
The cliff is formed by the Ping River. This is the path of the Ping River thousands of years ago. And the direction to make the sediment layer. Beautiful and large patterns. The height of about 30 meters wide. Wicked pattern It's hard to find....
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The village is overlooked by a striking hilltop Buddhist temple known as Wat Tha Ton. One of these is the Standing Buddha,over 35 feet tall.... read more
This national park offers a breathtaking view of the natural scenery of a steep river valley amidst scenic mountains and teak forests. It is about 105 kilometers from Chiang Mai town on Highway 108.... read more
There are also over 2,072 rai of experimental fields for cultivating pines and eucalyptus, which the Royal Forest Department aims to use to produce paper fibers. The climate here is moist and cool all year round, and the pines planted in an organized manner adds to the beauty of the panorama.
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Wat Chan Royal Project is situated at Baan Den, Chang Mai Province 3-4 drive from Chiang Mai. Can visit Karen traditional and culture places, trekking sites and more nature things to see.
The project is divided into 1,000 acres planted each year, each family 40 acres and maintained for a period of five years to today. The government subsidized the planting approximately 9,400 a...
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Learn about the Slowlife lifestyle with local villagers at homestay. "Ban Pong Pan Ping" has a spacious area. Can set a picnic at all. 500 Baht per night with breakfast and dinner Mattress With pillows and blankets At night, use a candle or electric lamp. Because the electricity is not here. Get away from the real chaos.... read more
New Homestay Kowit Maechaem Farmhouse with a view of the land, the smell of rice and the wind with the grass to enjoy the green stairs. Free Kantoke food
There are only two rooms here, called Private, including the raw and fresh nature of the mountains, trees, mist, water stream.
In addition, guests who come to the cottage with private car. We have the service to visit Mae Chaem and ...
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Mok Fa Waterfall is in the area of Doi Suthep-Doi Pui National Park. Admission fee is 200 Baht each. A ticket is applicable for the particular national park named in the ticket only e.g. here: allow you to enter for another 3 waterfalls which are located in Doi Suthep-Doi Pui National Park, namely Monthathan, Tad Mok and Mae Sa Waterfalls, not for Pong Duad PaPae or Huay Nam Dang. The ticket is va... read more
Huai Nam Dang National Park is situated on top of the ridge of hills and the same range as Chiang Dao mountain range. The highest peak-Doi Chang peak (at 1,962 metres above sea level) is the vital source of important streams which flow into the Pai river, Ping river, and Taeng river.... read more
Chiang Mai Night Safari was established as evening and night tourist attraction. It is the first night safari in Thailand. Chiang Mai Night Safari is committed to be a world class destination and is constantly upgrading to international tourism standard.... read more
Tea Plantation and Strawberry Plantation The ladder is arranged in a sloping hill. The sun is soft. With mist in the morning. Within a beautiful little valley some days. Can see the mother.... read more
Doi Luang / Chiang Dao is a limestone mountain in the Chiang Dao Wildlife Reserve area, Amphoe Chiang Dao. This cone-shaped mountain is 2,195 metres from sea level, which makes it the third highest mountain in Thailand after Doi Inthanon and Doi Pha Hom Pok. Narrow plains on top of the mountain overlook spectacular views that include a sea of fog on the Amphoe Chiang Dao side, Doi Sam Phi Nong, th... read more
Pushed up against the border with Myanmar, the mountain valleys around Doi Ang Khang (ดอยอ่างขาง) are known locally as 'Little Switzerland' thanks to the cool climate, which gets cold enough for frost in January, but really the resemblance ends there. Instead of chalets and yodelling you'll find peaceful green valleys full of temperate flowers and plantations of 'exotic' – to the Thais at le... read more
The Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang is the first research station of the Royal Project. Established according to His Majesty the King's initiative His Majesty intended that the hill tribes living in various mountains The northern region stopped growing opium. And shifting cultivation which is an important cause for the forest and the watersheds of the country were destroyed Originally a bald m... read more
Strawberry Plantation Strawberry Plantation A step down. In the morning, you will find the sun shining with the mist in the morning. Follow the hills behind. Meet with fresh red strawberries on the plot. In the cold. And also see the way of life that bloom at Stbury in the morning.... read more
The hot springs are situated in Mae Fang National Park, where the park headquarters are also situated... read more
Village on the border of Myanmar. If you look to the Burmese side. Myanmar is the base.
Located about 1 km away ...
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This village is a home of Hhome or Musoe hilltribes who believe in ghosts and spirits and still hold this belief with their simple ways of life.  Nearby is Doi Angkhang Royal Project which has supported the hilltribe villagers to promote agriculture and handicrafts.  The Young Local Guide Project is underway to guide visitors on the local lifestyle and beliefs, as well as to create ... read more
Mon Jam is part of the Royal Project Development Center, Nong Hoi. Located in the village of Hmong Nong Hoi, Mae Rim Moom is cool all year round. Morning mist The view of the mountain to see the alternating horizons far and wide. On the other side is the plantation of the Royal Project. At the peak there is space. Not much can walk all around comfortably.
You can see both sunrise and sunset. ...
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Doi Inthanon is the highest mountain peak in all of Thailand and the journey up provides breathtaking views as well as many interesting and unique sidepaths where you'll see and enjoy aspects of nature which would be difficult to find anywhere else in the world.
The summit of Doi Inthanon is a popular tourist destination for both foreign and Thai tourists, with a peak of many visitors visiting the...
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Kew Mae Pan Trail" is a heaven on earth for many. If you plan on visiting 'Doi Inthanon' and see beautiful sunrise, it is a good idea to take the opportunity to visit 'Kew Mae Fan Trail' before making a trip back. Kew Mae Pan Trail is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Chiangmai.
Most green and cover the base of the tree along the creek at the junction humid Way to walk up the hill a...
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Mae Ya Waterfall, or Nam Tok Mae Ya, is one of the largest and most beautiful waterfalls in Chiang Mai.The fresh water splashes down over 30 tiers of rocks and boulders into small clear pools.... read more
Waterfall Wachiratarn Formerly "Tartar gong link" The waterfall is above sea level and the water will flow from the cliff. Falling to the basin below. Across a steep cliff called "Cliff Simon Glass" later referred to it as the "glass cliff organization".
This waterfalls came from the very famous highest peak mountain in Thailand the Doi Inthanon, the panoramic view of the fall that makes it famous...
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Stupa Phra Mahathat Nop Nop earth and general landscape glory is Created by the Royal Air Force of Thailand and it was dedicated to the King.... read more
In addition to research and development and Inthanon Royal Project. Inthanon Royal Project Research Station. It also features information on areas of high agricultural knowledge. Yields are mainly vegetables, fruit and flowers in winter. Which Inthanon Royal Project Research Station have imported the plants from abroad.
The Research Station has become a popular tourist site where a lot of the...
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One of the distinctive activities to do when visiting here is to appreciate awe-inspiring views of terraced paddy fields. In rainy season, particularly from September to mid October, the whole landscape of Ban Mae Klang Luang is magnificently covered by a thin layer of fog and verdant rice terraces in descending order. The most second beautiful time to visit is between late October and early Novem... read more
Wat Sri Suphan is an old temple built in the reign of King Mueng Kaew, King of the Mangrai Royal Family, was built in 1500.
Points of interest within the temple include: Silver temple hall. It is the first temple built of silver and tin with the skill of craftsman of Baan Sri Suphan who famous silverware. It is a community near the temple. Have faith in the creation of the temple. Instead of the o...
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The temple is approached on foot by climbing a steep staircase comprising 290 steps. The less energetic may ascend by funicular.... read more
 is a Royal Residence located Doi Buak Ha, Muang District, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand,It is built in the mountains overlooking Chiang Mai... read more
Is a Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai,northern Thailand.It is a Royal Temple of the Third Class.The temple is located along Suthep road, approximately one kilometre west of Suan Dok gate.The Chiang Mai campus of the Buddhist Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University is housed within the temple compound.... read more
The Thriving Sunday Market. It is a commercial district market stalls Rim Pae Gate. The market size of about 200-300 Panel on the sidewalk walkway Rim Pae Gate The Thriving Sunday Market There are two other places is Wua Lai Road opening Saturday only Close to Wat Phra Singh (A. Muang)
Market For Sunday Walking Street Thapae Road most customer...
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This botanical garden, which covers a mountainous area of 560 acres, is located around Km. 12 along the Mae Rim-Samoeng route. This international botanical garden with a fine collection of Thai and foreign plants exhibited according to species and climate was established in 1992 to honor Queen Sirikit. ... read more
The temple was built according to Lanna Art. The temple is beautifully beautiful with Lanna Thai art. It is a mental retreat. Attract people to the temple. View the beauty hidden behind the rules. It is a trick to draw people to the temple to purify the mind. And absorb the teachings. As well as visiting this Buddhist temple.
There is also a chapel, a lintel, a temple, Inthakil. Golden Teap...
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Khun Chang Khian or Research Center and Agricultural Training Center.  Located in the city. Chiangmai Province Located in the same route as Doi Suthep. King Bhumibol Palace and Hmong Doi Pui up to a research station on seeds, coffee, fruit trees winter fruit trees such as persimmons, plum plum, avocado, macadamia and semi-tropical fruit such as lychee.... read more