“Enjoy with beautiful of the world's first silver and aluminum sanctuary at Wat Sri Suphan.”

Wat Sri Suphan is an old temple built in the reign of King Mueng Kaew, King of the Mangrai Royal Family, was built in 1500.

Points of interest within the temple include: Silver temple hall. It is the first temple built of silver and tin with the skill of craftsman of Baan Sri Suphan who famous silverware. It is a community near the temple. Have faith in the creation of the temple. Instead of the old worn down.

Places and monuments within the temple include :

  • Sanctuary It is a sanctuary of Lanna style,built during the reign of King Kaviloros Suriyawong in 1860. The murals in the sanctuary are images of allegory and Buddhist history. Inside the statue of the Buddha is the parish president.

  • Silver ordination hall is Lanna style. Made of silver and tin. Replacement to the original damaged. With the strength of the temple and the community, which is famous for the silverware. By cultivating local art on metal. Enshrined God is seven-headed.

  • Phra That Chedi .The old chedi art Lanna. Located on an octagonal base. The upper part is lotus base, hang up to the bell mouth. Next up is the throne.

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