“Doi Mon Jong has a beautiful landscape filled with mountain ranges. The route to this mountain is beautiful with the shade of sunlight along the deep forest of Omkoi.”

The loveliness of the scenery is an attraction that makes visitors fall in love with this place. There are also fields of Rhododendron for the travelers to see. Rhododendrons are very hard to find in Thailand, one of the places where we can find them is Hua Sing peak, which is the highest peak on Omkoi. Rhododendrons will blossom in the sunlight, which is a very beautiful picture that tourists come to see especially during winter.

Doi Mon Jong is located in the Omkoi Wildlife Sanctuary, Musoe Forest Protection Unit, 131 Moo 2 Tambol Yangpiang, Amphur Omkoi, Chiangmai 50310. The route starts from Bangkok to Amphur Hot, Chiangmai. Then take the 108 highway and turn left to 1099 highway to Amphur Omkoi. After that drive to Musoe Forest Protection Unit and inform the officer about your visit in order to use the officer’s four-wheel car to Doi Mon Jong.

Note: Doi Mon Jong does not have any facilities for tourists. If you want to stay overnight you need to bring your own tents and food.

Doi Mon Jong


Ban Na, Omkoi District, Chiang Mai 63130 Map

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