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Doi Khad Pee Park Located in Ban Huai Chom Phu, Muang District, Chiang Rai. In the National Forest. Mae Lao left bank and Mae Kok right bank. The area is about 6,250 rai. It is the source of beautiful scenery of the local people. It is a tourist attraction. Both summer and winter Festivals and traditions. The sea of fog everywhere. It is only 180 degrees. But Doi Kad ... read more
Doi Tung has many beautiful scenic spots.
Along the highway in 1149. viewpoint at km. 12 and 0.14 Kilometer.Along the Wat Noi Doi Tung - cliff house Bears. The road, which runs along the top of the mountain for many children. A viewpoint overlooking the panoramic view point on the mountain, like Moses on Doi Pha Chang Hee and Doi Pha Hom.Doi Tung has many beautiful viewpoint at....
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With spectacular views over the surrounding mountains, it is one of the famous tourist attractions of the Thai highlands near Chiang Rai town.
Tourists visit the mountain especially at dawn in order to catch a glimpse of the "sea of mist", the view of the fog-surrounded hills, with heights ranging between 1,200 and 1,600 m to the east of the mountain.

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Pushed up against the border with Myanmar, the mountain valleys around Doi Ang Khang (ดอยอ่างขาง) are known locally as 'Little Switzerland' thanks to the cool climate, which gets cold enough for frost in January, but really the resemblance ends there. Instead of chalets and yodelling you'll find peaceful green valleys full of temperate flowers and plantations of 'exotic' – to the Thais at le... read more
the roof of Thailand,is located in the Thanon Thong Chai Range, Mae Chaem District, Chiang Mai Province, northern Thailand.It includes Doi Inthanon, the country's highest mountain. Established in 1972, is 482 square kilometres (186 sq mi) in size.There are a number of waterfalls such as the Mae Klang Falls, Wachiratan Falls, Siriphum Falls, and Mae Ya Falls.... read more
Mountain View Tents and sunrise views and beautiful mist on Doi Angkhang. White fuzzy clay touch. Sleep close to the edge of the cliff. Cool weather, 1,787 meters above sea level. Can buy fruits that villagers sell along the way.... read more
Mon Jam is part of the Royal Project Development Center, Nong Hoi. Located in the village of Hmong Nong Hoi, Mae Rim Moom is cool all year round. Morning mist The view of the mountain to see the alternating horizons far and wide. On the other side is the plantation of the Royal Project. At the peak there is space. Not much can walk all around comfortably.
You can see both sunrise and sunset. ...
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Doi Luang / Chiang Dao is a limestone mountain in the Chiang Dao Wildlife Reserve area, Amphoe Chiang Dao. This cone-shaped mountain is 2,195 metres from sea level, which makes it the third highest mountain in Thailand after Doi Inthanon and Doi Pha Hom Pok. Narrow plains on top of the mountain overlook spectacular views that include a sea of fog on the Amphoe Chiang Dao side, Doi Sam Phi Nong, th... read more
Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu is situated in the west of the city, on hillside.  Previously called Wat Plai Doi, it is regarded as the city institution.  It is prominent with two pagodas.  The big one was built by Chong Tong Su 1860 and the other one by Phraya Singhanat Raja in 1874. 
Erected by the first governor of Mae Hong Son, this Temple reflects the strong influence of t...
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Amphoe Pai is a small district in the northeast of Mae Hong Son. Pai is getting hip and famous among visitors as a cute little town where you can find things from local charms of daily life to adrenaline rush sports such as rafting.
Huai Nam Dang National Park, Moo 5, Kuet Chang, Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai 50150 Thailand (25km East of Pai),. Huai Nam Dang National Park is positioned on top of the crest...
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Ban Ruam Thai is away from Maehongson about 44 kms. Takes the route to Pha Seau waterfall untill reach Ban Na Pa Paek and then turn left and keep go on for another 6 kms. Tourists will see variety of hill-tribes people. Try fresh coffee from the field. Behind the village is a beautiful lake and evergreen forest area.... read more
Wat Chan Royal Project is situated at Baan Den, Chang Mai Province 3-4 drive from Chiang Mai. Can visit Karen traditional and culture places, trekking sites and more nature things to see.
The project is divided into 1,000 acres planted each year, each family 40 acres and maintained for a period of five years to today. The government subsidized the planting approximately 9,400 a...
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Huai Nam Dang National Park is situated on top of the ridge of hills and the same range as Chiang Dao mountain range. The highest peak-Doi Chang peak (at 1,962 metres above sea level) is the vital source of important streams which flow into the Pai river, Ping river, and Taeng river.... read more
The loveliness of the scenery is an attraction that makes visitors fall in love with this place. There are also fields of Rhododendron for the travelers to see. Rhododendrons are very hard to find in Thailand, one of the places where we can find them is Hua Sing peak, which is the highest peak on Omkoi. Rhododendrons will blossom in the sunlight, which is a very beautiful picture that tourists com... read more
The Khun Than mountain range of the Doi Khun Than National Park forms a natural boundary between Lamphun and Lampang provinces. The northern rail line to Chiang Mai runs through the longest rail tunnel in the country, which is 1,352 metres long and takes five minutes to traverse. The mountain has both virgin jungle and pinery.
Many tourists choose to walk from the Khun Than Station up the mountain...
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Phu Soi Dao National Park is located in both Chat Trakan district of Phitsanulok Province and Nam Pard District of Uttaradit Province. Occupying a total area of 48,962.5 rai of land (equivalent to 58,750 acres), the park stretches along the Thai-Laos border with the highest peak measured at 2,102 meters above sea level. The climate park is cool throughout the year and visitors are able to see seve... read more
View Point Kwan Phayao With a height of about 25 meters on the top of the mountain, this side is also a viewpoint and relaxation. You can see a 360-degree view.It was officially opened as a tourist attraction on October 18, 2013. It is another tourist attraction that can impress the passers-by.
It is a roadside accommodation on Highway 102 that joins the mountain ridge. Phayao Province - Lamp...
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Pha Hua Sing and Doi Samoe Dao These places are situated at Km. 16, the Na Noi – Pang Hai route. Pha Hua Sing, meaning a cliff with a strange shape similar to the head of a lion, is a viewpoint spot on the summit of the high cliff. It has 360° of beautiful mountainous scenery. At the spot, Doi Samor Dao also contains a wide terrace suitable for relaxation, star observation and sunset vie... read more
Phu Kha National Park is in a high mountain range in Amphoe Pua, Amphoe Bo Klua and Amphoe Mae Charim in Nan.The apex of Doi Phu Kha is 1,980 meters above sea level.The park has a lovely scenery and various trees and plants in abundance.Furthermore, there are several nice waterfalls and caves such as Ton Tong Waterfall and Pha Khong Cave, ideal for natrue lovers.... read more
Khao Kho is made up of mountain ranges to northwest of town about 1,174 metres above mean sea level covered in the main by deciduous plants. Very cold during November-February, it once was the base room which communist insurgents conducted their struggles against the authorities during 1968-1982. Today it is accessible via two routes; off Highway No. 12 (Phitsanulok - Lom Sak) at Ban Camp Son with... read more
Phu Tubberk The highest peak in Phetchabun. Just opened for tourists to explore the area soon. But it can be amazing to those who visit so much that they become one in UNSEEN THAILAND you should not miss visiting. At an elevation of 1,768 meters above sea level Cold temperatures all year on the peak. And cabbage farm The vast eye. Eat at the top of the mountain. Phu Kradueng is considered one... read more
Phu Rua, literally meaning mountain of ship, is s peak in the mountain range in Amphoe Phu Ruea. As its name in Thai indicates, Phu Ruea resembles a big junk and the plateau atop the peak looks like the junk’s belly. Phu Ruea National Park covers an area of about 75,525 rai in the districts of Phu Ruea and Tha Li. Its highest peak reaches the altitude of about 1,365 meters above... read more
There are no large trees on these mountains; only small grasses, such as cycad and Thian pa (Impatiens calcicola), grow in general. Wildflowers can be seen in full bloom during the rainy season.... read more