“This mountain, 25 kilometres south of Doi Pa Tang, provides scenic views of Laos, and during February is dotted with white wild flowers known as Dok Sieo.  Chilly, for Thailand, in the morning and a very pleasantly cool temperature throughout the day.va”

With spectacular views over the surrounding mountains, it is one of the famous tourist attractions of the Thai highlands near Chiang Rai town.

Tourists visit the mountain especially at dawn in order to catch a glimpse of the "sea of mist", the view of the fog-surrounded hills, with height_s ranging between 1,200 and 1,600 m to the east of the mountain.

Accommodation is available at Rom Fa Thong and Rom Fa Thai villages at the foot of the hill.

Phu Chi Fa Forest Park is a protected area around the cliffs that includes parts of Wiang Kaen District.

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