“It has 360° of beautiful mountainous scenery. ”

Pha Hua Sing and Doi Samoe Dao These places are situated at Km. 16, the Na Noi – Pang Hai route. Pha Hua Sing, meaning a cliff with a strange shape similar to the head of a lion, is a viewpoint spot on the summit of the high cliff. It has 360° of beautiful mountainous scenery. At the spot, Doi Samor Dao also contains a wide terrace suitable for relaxation, star observation and sunset viewing.

Visitors must contact National Park officers at the entrance which situated two kilometers away from the spot. On the route to the summit, visitors can enjoy Chan Pha, a unique mountain succulent shrubs, that appears along the way. Moreover, when the sky is clear, Na Noi and Wieng Sa districts, as well as, the Nan River can be viewed from the cliff.

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