“Communities in Ban Mae Klang Luang can be divided into 4 villages, namely Ban Mae Klang Luang, Ban Pha Hmon, Ban Nong Lom, and Ban Ang Kaa Noi. Each village comprises around 60 – 80 families.”

One of the distinctive activities to do when visiting here is to appreciate awe-inspiring views of terraced paddy fields. In rainy season, particularly from September to mid October, the whole landscape of Ban Mae Klang Luang is magnificently covered by a thin layer of fog and verdant rice terraces in descending order. The most second beautiful time to visit is between late October and early November when the entire area is brightened by golden ears of rice. There are a number of natural trails, for example Doi Hua Sua route, Huay Nam Khun bird-watching route, and Pha Siew waterfall route. These trekking trails are ideal for naturalists seeking for peaceful moments or getting to know villagers’ way of life.


At Ban Mae Klang Luang, a vast array of accommodation choices is available, including home stay. There are several residence houses with camping spaces as well, such as Mae Klang Luang View, Inthanon, Kiri Maya.

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