“One of the most familiar symbols of Dublin, from a popular song 'Cockles and Mussels'”

Molly Malone Statue is situated in front of St' Andrew Church on Suffolk Street, just a short walk from Trinity College and the famous Grafton Street. The statue of Molly and her cart is affectionately nicknamed 'The Tart with the Cart' by Dubliners'.

In the late 20th century a legend grew up that there was a historical Molly, who lived in the 17th century. She is typically represented as a hawker by day and part-time prostitute by night. In contrast she has also been portrayed as one of the few chaste female street-hawkers of her day.

The ballad Molly Malone also known as Cockles and Mussels tells the story of a Dublin woman named Molly Malone, an attractive fishmonger who sold cockles and mussels from her barrow which she wheeled through the streets of Dublin city. The ballad tells how the woman died of a fever and now her ghost haunts the city streets.

In 1988 as part of the Dublin Millennium celebrations a statue of Molly Malone was erected towards the end of Grafton Street at the corner of Suffolk Street. The statue of an attractive woman dressed in a revealing top with her wheel barrow alluded to the common perception that Molly also worked as a prostitute. The statue was erected at this location as it was thought a Mary Malone (Molly is a derivative of Mary) was baptised in St. John’s Church on Suffolk Street however, in 1988 birth and death records of a Mary Malone were presented to the then Lord Mayor which showed that this woman had been baptised and buried at St. John’s church on Fishamble Street. This mix up caused confusion over the identity of the woman in the song and caused people to question if she ever existed, this mystery surrounding Molly Malone has served to height_en people’s interest in her.

Molly Malone Statue


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