“Displays of the rate items representing prehistoric Ireland from the Stone Age to the Late Middle Ages”

The National Museum of Archaeology features displays of several rare objects on prehistoric Ireland, including Bronze Age work in gold, early medieval church treasures of Celtic art, Viking Ireland and Medieval Ireland. There are special displays of items from Ancient Egypt, Cyprus and the Roman world, and special exhibitions are regularly mounted.

Things to do here:

  1. 9 unmissable objectsVisitor Vox Pops
    1. The Lough Derg Sword
    2. Limerick Silver Neck Ring
    3. The Shrine of the Stowe Missal
    4. Liathmore Shrine Fragment
    5. Arrowheads Excavated in Dublin
    6. Iron Spearheads
    7. Killaloe Brooch
    8. Slave Chain
    9. Corrib Axes
  2. Visitor Vox Pops
  3. 360° Exhibition Images - Archaeology
    1. Kingship and Sacrifice
    2. Ancient Egypt
    3. Or-Ireland's Gold
    4. Medieval Ireland
    5. Prehistoric Ireland
    6. Viking Ireland
    7. The Rotunda (main entrance)
  4. The Ardagh Chalice, originally found at Reerasta, Ardagh, Co. Limerick was used for dispensing Eucharistic wine during the celebration of Mass. The Ardagh Chalice is one of the greatest treasures of the early Irish Church. It is part of a hoard of objects found in the 19th century by a young man digging for potatoes near Ardagh, Limerick.
  5. Draw in the Museum
    There is a huge range of artefacts that provide a rich source for sketching, researching, and examining. Be noted that some artefacts can be easily damaged or defaced by art materials and/or the action of some art techniques, you should minimise the possibility of damage. 
  6. Read the Faddan More Psalter text
    Two pages of the Psalter are displayed in the current exhibition. Because the pages are so sensitive to light, they can only be displayed for three months at a time.

    Explore the text of the Faddan More Psalter, using sections of the two pages currently on display. Portions of the text are highlighted and transcribed, and an English translation of the Latin text is also provided.

Tuesday to Saturday 10am-5pm

  • Sunday & Monday 1pm- 5pm
  • Closed Christmas Day and Good Friday

Free Admission

  • Admission to all four sites of the National Museum of Ireland is free.

Shop & Café Opening Hours

  • The Museum shop and café are open during Museum opening times.

Please note the café at National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts & History is open on Mondays, when the Museum itself is closed.

National Museum of Ireland Archaeology


Kildare St, Dublin 2, Ireland Map

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