“Mon Pui Mok is located in Tha Song Yang district. There is a border area with the Union of Myanmar with the river as a borderline. Mae Moei National Park is famous for its beauty and splendor of the misty seasons, whether it is Mon Pui Mok, Mon Kru Ba Sai, Mon Kra Ting, Mon Kiew Lom, and Mon Poon Su Da. Each point is Viewpoints of mountains and mist are famous for tourists and nature photographer at the park.”

Mae Moei National Park There are wildlife such as deer, antelope etc. In addition, the park has a nature trail. It takes about 6 hours to walk through the park. The path that leads up the hill, some of the path is not very steep. Walk up the river. Through small waterfalls. Sometimes climbing the bamboo stairs created parallel to the waterfall, the water from the waterfall splashes into the face to refresh. If it comes in the late winter rain will find. Colorful wild flowers bloom along the path or waterfall, such as red flowers. Lotus Bloom It is an interesting contrast to the green forest. Some flowers are hiding in dark green moss carpet.

Mon Pui Mok


อุทยานแห่งชาติแม่เมย อ.ท่าสองยาง จ.ตาก Map

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