“The Lankan-style pagoda on the top of the mountain with stone blocks looks like an elephant.””

Wat Khao Rup Chang, The ancient site of Wat Khao Rup Chang that can be seen prominently is The Lankan-style stupa, perched on top of a hill with stacked white stones, looks like an elephant. Originally, it was an old pagoda before. And the temple has renovated about 20 years ago by, decorated with gold glazed tiles.There is a fence around the pagoda. In the courtyard at the top of the mountain, The temple has built a large viharn and has an old Chedi which is a Ceylon-style shade with twelve wooden recesses. It is assumed that it was built in the Ayutthaya period.

In addition, there is also an old Chaturamuk Mondop near the new church. Inside the mondop enshrines the bronze Buddha's footprint. On the wall, there is also a painting depicting Traiphum Phra Ruang.

How to get there: Located in the southern part of the Phichit city along the Phichit-Taphan Hin route, approximately 15 kilometers in distance, in Tambon Dong Pa Kham. During the journey, observe the hills of medium height_. You will find that at the top there is a golden pagoda.

For more information, please contact: TAT Phitsanulok Office (Phitsanulok, Phetchabun, Phichit) 055-259907, 055-252742-3 TAT Call Center 1672 Phichit Tourism Association 056-611206

Wat Khao Rub Chang


Tambon Dong Pa Kham, Amphoe Mueang Phichit, Phichit 66170 Map

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