“Serene, scenic canyon with narrow, ledgy hiking trails that offer sweeping valley views.”

Kong Laen or Pai Canyon is situated in Pai town, along the highway no 1095, 8 kms to Pai Town. You have to walk for 200 metres to Kong Laen.

Prominent characteristics of Kong Laen is similar to Pae Muang Phi in Prae province.  Earth is eroded and some parts are sinked and destroyed by the rain.  It is not too high but a bit dangerous. 

How to get there:
Pai Map

Tickets are available throughout the year.

Traveling in the Baekong home. From the district about 7 km, you can travel by Highway No. 1095 (Pai Mae Malai). The main area at km 88 is on the right hand side. And to walk about 200 meters.

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