“Doi Mae U-kho  wild sunflowersDoi Mae U-kho ”

The Dok Bua Tong (may be classified as wild sunflowers) blooms during November painting the entire hilly area of Doi Mae U-kho in brilliant yellow. It draws flocks of visitors to Khun Yuam district during that 2 weeks of blooming yearly. Camping sites arranged during the Bua Tong Bloom Festival.

 Doi Mae U Kho, Bua Tong Field, Doi Mae U Kho Covering an area of ​​about 1,000 Rai of hills, it is responsible for the Highland Forest Development Project, Unit 5, Watershed Conservation Division. Bua Tong here when blooming at the same time In November, December will be glowing yellow covering the entire mountain. Is very beautiful when winter comes Tourists should not miss seeing the beauty of Thung Bua Tong Doi Mae U Kho.

Service on the mountain: Tent rental service on the mountain. There will be a place for about 100 tents. If you need direct help, come here. Tribes on Thung Bua Tong. Last time, don't forget to stop by the restaurant for other services.

How to get there: Located at Village No. 6, Mae U Kho Sub-district, Khun Yuam District, along Route No. 108 (Mae Hong Son Khun Yuam), about 1 kilometer before reaching the district, there is a fork left along Highway 1263 leading to Thung Bua Tong for another 26 kilometers, which is a paved road.

Thank you for the photo from: FB Yuth Man U, a member of the group of people who like to travel

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