“The waterfall itself cascades from a high cliff and makes a refreshing rest stop for motorist touring along the south.The beautiful scenery that the tourist will surely like this place aside for having the natural eclogical system there are also many shop for the convinient of the visitors.”

Punyaban Waterfall Another name of this waterfall is "Set Takuat Waterfall",  This evergreen forest os another hidden treasure of Ranong, that you can do lots of activities such as walking in the trail there is a long traul at the place that you will enjoy the flora and fauna on the area.

asode from enjoying in the natural ecological system of the place there are also many shop near in the area that you can do buy some souviner items, and have some coffee at the tea shop located also in this place, there are some pavillions in this place so that the shoppers and sightseeker will enjoy and amaze with exploring Punyaban Waterfall, Ranong

Open everyday time: 24 hours

located on Kra Buri-Ranong Road at km. 588-589, 15 kms before Ranong township area, is located at Mu 1 Tambon Bang Non, on the right at km. 597 on Highway No.4 towards Chumphon.

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