“Just across the broad Chan River estuary lies the southern end of Myanmar and the trading village of Victoria Point. This place is also for fortune risker since there is a club here operating casino this is also one of the torust destination located at the southern Myanmar ”

Right across Maenam La-un, opposite Ranong, is a small town of Burma, Victoria Point. Its main attractions are local products and souvenirs which are available at Ranong Landing for about B 200 – 300, but prior immigration formality must first go through.

Ko Phayam) This island is a two hours boat trip from Ranong Landing. It is a location of cashew plantation and many households of Chao Le Tribal people (sea gypsy).

In this area, there are many other islands suitable for fishing and diving; Ko Sin Hai, Ko Chang, ect. One can hire the boat from Paknam Ranong for about B 1,500 – 2,000 per day, or contact tourist boat organized by Jansom Thara Hotel.

This area is very famous among the tourist since the place has a casino for fortune risktaker, there is club operating casino, there are also some island here which is good for diving site due to it is loaded of coral reefs and natural underwater scenery, the place is also good for exploring the place and do some adventure. 

  • The boat ride to Victoria Point takes about 15 minutes each way and costs between 200 and 300 baht. Before embarking on this excursion
  • Operating time: 07.30 - 17.00 Daily.

Victoria Point


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