Big Bhuddha statue is called Phrayai Phu Khok Ngew or Bhuddha Nawaminmongkolleelathawinkraphirak.  It's very long name.

Situated at Phu Khok Ngew (moutain), Baan Thadeemee, Tumbon Paktom, Loei.  Bhuddha statue is on the top of the moutain. You can drive here. It is the junction of two rivers: the Khong and the Hueng.

The Buddha style is made by Thai armed force 2 with mix of fiber, golden resins, and quorum, 19 meters in height_, foundation with 7.2 meters in width_.

The people offer the royal charity to his Majesty and her Majesty to celebrate the auspicious occasion of the ceremony of the 6th coronation anniversary in 1999 and Jubilee celebration, in 2000

At this point, beautiful spectacular views of the Mekong River and Laos, traveling from the city, the highway 201 (Loei-Chiang Khan) to 47 kilometers, turn left at the junction of three straight to Ban Tha Dee Mee, and then turn right at the Ban Tha Dee Mee school for another 2 kilometers.

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