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Khun Chae National Park covering the areas of 270 square kilometres in Wing Pa Pao of Chiang Rai has been announced as the national park of Thailand since 1995. Also it gave birth to the main tributaries of a number of rivers and formed the beautiful waterfall, namely Khun Chae.

Geologically, the mountain formations have been covers by igneous rock and sedimentary rock including granite. Besides, it is found basalt produced by volcanoes around this area Most of the park area is very rugged with steep valley and offers a number of waterfalls.

Winter season is from November to July. Rainy season is from January to February and summer is from March to June.

Because of the great differences in altitude, the Park has an enormous wealth of plant species; bamboo forest and various trees growing in the altitudinal range 300 800 metres, deciduous dipterocarp forest growing in the altitudinal range 800-1,000 metres, pine forests and rainforest growing in the altitudinal range 1,000-1,500 metres, hill evergreen forest growing in the altitudinal range upper 1,500 metres and covering with orchids, ferns and moss.


Khun Chae National Park


Wiang Pa Pao District, Chiang Rai Map

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