“Grand Canyon of Chiang Mai Old Ground in Hang Dong”

Soil of the Inson family that dredge up to sell for about 10 years ago. It is about 30 acres , nearly 15 meters high , high cliff. It’s look like Grand Canyon. That popularity of Thai people and foreigners. Charge 50 baht and get a card to exchange 1 herbal juice at Coffee shop. There are also rental lobsters, rubber boats and boats.

Related agencies ordered to close the Grand Canyon, Chiang Mai because of accident. Government officials have agreed that this place should be closed indefinitely. Until the committee draws a conclusion on security measures for tourists. And believe that no more serious accidents. But it is not safe. It will not be allowed to open again.

Grand Canyon Chiang Mai


Baan Go Kham Moo 3, Nam Phrao, Hang Dong, Chiang Mai 50230 Map

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