Mon Jam is part of the Royal Project Development Center, Nong Hoi. Located in the village of Hmong Nong Hoi, Mae Rim Moom is cool all year round. Morning mist The view of the mountain to see the alternating horizons far and wide. On the other side is the plantation of the Royal Project. At the peak there is space. Not much can walk all around comfortably.
You can see both sunrise and sunset. ...
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The temple is approached on foot by climbing a steep staircase comprising 290 steps. The less energetic may ascend by funicular.... read more
Wat Phra That Doi Kham located on the small mountain south west of Chiang Mai. About 10 km from the city. Mountain of Doi Kham The forest is lush with beautiful scenery below is Ratchapruek Garden 2006 (World Horticultural Garden) and nearby Chiang Mai Night Safari. It is one of the most important and ancient of Chiang Mai. More than 1,300 years old.
Wat Phra That Doi Kham was built in t...
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Soil of the Inson family that dredge up to sell for about 10 years ago. It is about 30 acres , nearly 15 meters high , high cliff. It’s look like Grand Canyon. That popularity of Thai people and foreigners. Charge 50 baht and get a card to exchange 1 herbal juice at Coffee shop. There are also rental lobsters, rubber boats and boats.... read more
The Thriving Sunday Market. It is a commercial district market stalls Rim Pae Gate. The market size of about 200-300 Panel on the sidewalk walkway Rim Pae Gate The Thriving Sunday Market There are two other places is Wua Lai Road opening Saturday only Close to Wat Phra Singh (A. Muang)
Market For Sunday Walking Street Thapae Road most customer...
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