“Kra Isthmus is the narrow land bridge which connects the Malay Peninsula with the mainland of Asia, and popularly named "The Devil's Neck".”

Kra Isthmus, Ranong is the narrowest point of the Malayan Peninsula that extends for a distance of about 44 kilometers from the Gulf of Thailand on the eastern coast to the Andaman Sea on the western coast. It links the mainland of Asia with the Malay Peninsula.

The Isthmus of Kra marks the boundary between two sections of the central cordillera, the mountain chain which runs from Tibet through all of the Malay peninsula. 

  • Open everyday time: 24 hours
  • Located in Ban Thap Li, Tambon Lamu at Km. 545 on Highway No. 4, 66 kilometres northeast of the town centre

Isthmus of Kra


Ban Thap Li, Tambon Lamu, Amphoe Kra Buri, Ranong Map

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