“Phromthep Cape is the place to see the most beautiful sunset in Thailand. This area is crowded every evening before sunset.”

Phromthep Cape is the southernmost point of Phuket Island. Thai people believe that it is the best-watching point of the sunset in Thailand.

This is also a very popular place for tourists to see the spectacular view of the Andaman Sea in day time. Nearby the cape, many shops for souvenir and clothes are situated. Food and drink are also available.

  • Phromthep Cape has no swimming area 
  • viewpoint surrounded by rocks
  • Be careful while walking along the ridge during strong wind.

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Jirapong Thivawongsakal

รีวิวเมื่อ 28 ก.ค. 55

Laem Phromthep, taken on July 15, 2012
Laem Phromthep, taken on July 15, 2012

ถูกใจ แชร์

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