“Panoramic View points of Phang-nga archipelago”

Samed Nang Chee viewpoint is one of the best amazing viewpoint of Phang-nga Bay, situated in Khlong Kian, Phang-nga province offering a stunning beautiful panoramic pictures of Phang-nga islands.  At dawn, as the sun’s first rays begin to illuminate the coastal vista, visitors can see the fisherman contentedly starting their daily routines and this remarkable and inspiring scene often stays embedded in the memory of tourists long after they leave. By dusk, the sky is filled with glittering stars and tourists love nothing more than to camp out here and bask in the moonlight scenes.

Here is gaining more popular among Thai tourists when its pictures was virally seen on social networks in Mar 2016, but not yet that much with foreigners.  There are 2 points of the best view, the first is 1 mere 300-metre walk to Samed Nang Chee Boutique, private accommodation capmsite.  The other is the 800 meter heigh from the ground,  namely Samed Nang Chee resort also offering a camping and bungalow for visitors.

There is a car parking and shuttle service, charging 60 Baht each for Samed Nang Chee Boutique resort and 90 Bht each for Samed Nang Chee resort.  The latter is much sharp inclinde of the road way leading the view point end.  All visitors have to park their car and take a local pickup car (Songtaew). Anyhow any one would like to reach here by their trekking by foot, they must pay a conservation fee of 30 Baht each.

Check the sky and clound before you visit.

Downthere near the parking site, you may hire a half day trip to hire a long-tail boat to explore around the nearby islands, and enjoying fresh seafood. Please noted the peir names are Baan Hin Rom "บ้านหินร่ม", Arbsaeng Chan "อาบแสงจันทร์", Khao Pra Ard Num "เขาพระอาดหนุ่ม".

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