“Parinirvana Stupa Kushinagar and Reclining Buddha Image”

Kushinagar previously known as a part of Malla Division in period of Lord Bhuddha. Mala historically were composed of 2 towns: Kushinagar and Pawa.

Kushinagar is the place of Lord Buddha's parinirvana, one of the most 4 attractive places by pilgrimate Buddhists.  Located a few kilometers from Gorakhpur divisition, Kushinagar setting on the banks of the Gandak River is the city of Stupas and temples. One of the ancient Indian cities its origins can be traced to the pre Buddha period and it is also believed that Lord Buddha attained his salvation here. One of the important Stupas in Kushinagar is the Parinirvana Stupa, Kushinagar. 

After 45 years of missionary activities Buddha, severely stricken with illness finally reached to Kushinagar, where he ordained his last disciple and uttered his last words to sangha and attained Parinirvana in 487 BCE. Maurya king Ashoka reportedly visited Kushinagar in 260 BCE where he built several caityas, stupas to honor the Buddha's place of Nirvana. Kushinagar buddhist sites was steadily expanded during Kushan empire (c. 50-241 CE), while Kushinagar witnessed golden age during Gupta empire(c. 320-647 CE) when Parinirvana stupa was largely expanded and Parinirvana Temple was reconstructed along with huge reclining Buddha statue.

Two main 'must see' places inside are:

  1. Reclinging Buddha image lying on its right side with the head to the north. The statue is 6.1 m long and rests on a stone couch.
  2. Parinirvana Stupa

Parinirvana Stupa Kushinagar


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