“ Old town beside the Klong river, influenced by French and Thai culture. Delivering sticky rice or food directly to monks in the early morning (ใส่บาตรข้าวเหนียว) ”

Chiangkhan is a small and lovely town located in Loei Province where the Khong river is the border line. The town is quiet with simple life style of people. It is a very nice place for relaxation and let your mind fly with local life.  Chiangkhan has been influenced by French colonial as evidenced by old wooden houses and inn.

Old town area 're along the Khong river which you can see some old wooden shophouses and some 're in colonial style. An some old and important temples 're in this area such as Sri Khun Muang temple, Mahathat temple and Tha Khaek temple. Walking on a small street on the bank of Khong river 's also a great things to do in the early morning or late afternoon.

Daily open for all tourists, early monring till 21.00 hrs.

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