“It is very famous among Thai people for years.  Tourists of various generations have flocked here.  Some fancy the Sakura Flower grown along the 2 sides of the road up to the hill.Mountainside plantations of coffee, and fruit orchards, provide scenic variety.Many local tourist love fine weather here.  Chinese food is widely cooked and served.  When you are here, you should not miss taste Chinese Tea, at the food shop of Mae Salong Resort.”

A mountaintop settlement known as Santi Khiri is home to descendants of Chinese Nationalist soldiers who fled to, and settled in Thailand, in 1940.The area is particularly picturesque in December and January when Thai cherry trees are in blossom. Accommodation, restuarants and opportunities for horse riding and trekking number among major attractions.During December, the area is dotted with yellow wild sunflower called Bua Tong.

Located some 40 kilometres from Mae Chan, along Route 1089, and 60 kilometres beyond Doi Mae Salong via Ban Thoetthai is Doi Hua Mae Kham where a large Lisu hilltribe village is located

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