1 day trip Top 10 tourist attractions in Bangkok

The main building is the central ubosoth, which houses the statue of Emerald Buddha. The legendary history of this Buddha image is traced to India, five centuries after the Lord Buddha attained Nirvana, till it was finally enshrined in Bangkok at the Wat Phra Kaew temple in 1782 during Rama I's reign (1782–1809). This marked the beginning and raise of the Chakri Dynasty of the present Kingdo... read more
the royal Chakri Maha Prasat is one of the most important in the royal in the Grand Palace is the throne of His Majesty the Chomklao Khun Isares Rangsan on mercy please all proceeds to build up to the Hall Dr. the body. 2418 after ravines, Singapore, Java and enacted by the employment Mr. canyon cloud Chairperson, the British architect from Singapore is Mr. Luang designed the throne Mr. Henry clou... read more
the throne Dusit Maha Prasat the throne Dusit Palace is the throne, one; the President of the royal palace in the Grand Palace is located in the area of palace base middle-class in the west of the throne Chakri Maha Prasat is the throne air ;Pimaan the left the right and the house all the host or house Monday continued in the rear in the area of palace base in the throne, has been named architectu... read more
 This oval public ground in front of the Grand Palace enclave is used for various royal ceremonies, including the Royal Ploughing Ceremony each May, and is edged by several noteworthy institutions . On the southeast corner is the City Pillar Shrine or San Lak Muang placed there by King Rama I as the foundation stone for the new capital of Bangkok.... read more
Wat Pho is named after a monastery in India where Buddha is believed to have lived.  Prior to the temple's founding, the site was a centre of education for traditional Thai medicine, and statues were created showing yoga positions. An enormous Buddha image from Ayuthaya's Wat Si Sanaphet was destroyed by Burmeses in 1767, King Rama I (1782-1809 A.D.) incorporated its fragments to buil...
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Phra Nakorn National Museum is the first museum for population in Thailand Founded in 1859.  Originally a "Bowornstharn Mongkol Vice-King Palace " or viceroy palace, which contains the palaces and the royal halls as One of spectacular Thai architectural.
In the reign of His Majesty King Mongkut, King Rama IV, he set up the royal private museum at Phrapas Phipittapun Royal Hall, in the Gr...
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 Where the worlds young travellers meet.Khao San Road is a favourite crossroads for the young travellers on a budget. It has evolved over the last two decades from just one small hostel providing low-budget accommodation become one of the worlds most well-known destinations. It has been featured in many movies and television documentaries. During the day, Khao San Road is the scene for back-... read more
The temple is best known for the Loha Prasat. The pagoda is a replica of the Loha Prasat built in India. It is 36 m high and has 37 metal spires, signifying the 37 virtues toward enlightenment. In the past, Loha Prasat was hidden behind an old movie theatre named Chalerm Thai. The theatre were demolished in 1989 as a project to improve scenery along Ratchadamnoen Road. Located at the intersection ... read more
Sao Ching Cha or the Giant Swing represents the movement of the God Shiva and its usage was reserved purely for a spectacular game performed at grand ceremonies. Due to the danger and number of victims this performance produced each year the tradition was discontinued. Nowadays the red wooden frame is all that's left of this ceremonial apparatus along with the memories and stories of the deadly ga... read more
Wat Suthat is a royal temple of the first grade, one of six such temples in Thailand. Construction was begun by His Majesty King Rama I in 1807 (B.E. 2350). Further construction and decorations were carried out by King Rama II who helped carve the wooden doors, but the temple was not completed until the reign of King Rama III in 1847 (B.E.2390). This temple contains the Buddha image Phra Sri Sakya... read more