Top Ten The Most Romantic Sea Destinations in Krab

The most romantic sea-destinations in Krabi, for honeymooners.
Tubkaak Beach is located north of Klong Muang very quiet. You'll find a long sandy beach and not much else which makes this an ideal place to relax and recharge your batteries.
Is popular with foreign tourists and beautiful views Watch the sunsets....
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Koh Hong is big small mountain, intricate. When you sail into look, like being in the Great Hall with the two door... read more
Ao Nang is a bay named "Nang", situated some 20 kms from Krabi town.  Its a white sandy beach stretches to the foot of a conspicuously prominent limestone range. Accommodation is available along  the beachfront.  Other facilities include diving shops, boats for rent and sightseeing by canoe.  From Ao Nang, tourists may hire boats to visit nearby attractions such Hat Rai Lay, Ph... read more
From my experience, this beach is the most beautiful, white sand, suite for swimming, sun bath, enjoy jogging, etc.The cave is at the end of the beach with a local tale about this cave.It is believed by local fishermen to be the home of a mythical sea princess. Inside the limestone cave is a collection of strange phallic symbols, offerings and objects believed to help with fertility. You can take ... read more
The Railay west is connected to the east The focal point of West Railay Beach is centered on a short promenade lined with restaurants and shops. Beach in Railay West is suitable for sunbathing, swimming, sea canoeing, etc. Sea Canoeing is another popular activity.What are the recommended resorts: 
Railay Village by beach, good taste of food and luxury/new accommodation.
Sand Sea by ...
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Poda is a beautiful island of Krabi. The island is still beautiful and highlights of Krabi Sea.
Poda Island is located in the west of Ao Nang about 8 kilometers from the coast. Looking out to sea you can see the islands big and small in near areas.
Beachfront area has long beaches ideal for swimming beaches. On the left is a relaxing spot for a quiet little man. Beach or north of the island i...
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At the east end of Loh Dalum follow the path inland and up to the Phi Phi Viewpoint. 
By the early 90’s a series of tracks leading through Phi Phi View Point 1 had carved a water eroded track up to the coconut plantation lead to the rocks where a small shack sold water....
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Scenic coves on the island's western and South-eastern shores, are favourite stops for day-tripping snorkelers. Although once pristine, the corals at these coves have been marred by bad anchoring and the beaches littered with rubbish jettisoned by people on tour boats. In 1999, a Hollywood film company spent about two months shooting scenes for the motion picture "the Beach".... read more
Klong Dao Beach, just a short walk from the pier. Sources close to the development, it is jolly than other beaches. Night falls, there will be light food. Bars beer. Foods that are grilled Sea seaside was fun. Ideal for those who love entertaining. And with a wide variety of style resort located Tennessee. The number of choices. Klong Dao so lonely night and day.... read more
Koh Ngai is a very beautiful small island white sandy beach and the southernmost part of the island is the best snorkeling location. The island has some great coral reefs along its coastline, making it perfect for snorkeling.
Koh Ngai is located 15 km away on the mainland opposite, in Trang Province and less than 10 km northwest of Koh Mook
Nearby islands like Koh Kradan, Koh Mook and Koh Rok are ...
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