Pabong Dam it is a dam to the Mae Ramat River and produces electricity for use in Mae Hong Son Town.
The dam has a pavilion suitable for recreation....
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 In the rainy season the water flows from the river Mae Kuang. Cause flood damage to farmland every year. When a rich reservoir of Mae Kuang Tara can then retain water that flows from rainfall over the catchment area of ​​567 square kilometers. To prevent damage from flooding to the area very well. 
Tara Mae Kuang dam filling. Is used to store water for potable water can be delivered to ...
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Thailand's largest dam is located some kilometers north of Tak city in Amphoe Sam Ngao, and dams the Mae Ping River. The extensive reservoir forms a picturesque lake that extends northwards to Chiang Mai's Amphoe Hot. ... read more
Khuean Sirikit at Tha Pla district some 68 kilometres from town on the Uttaradit-Tha Pla Road, is the country’s large earthen dam. Built to dam up the Nan River, the dike is 800 metres long. Beyond the dam is a large lake with beautiful scenery. During the cool season, the attractively landscape terrain bursts out in a profusion of colourful flowers and blooms. There are accommodation and boatin... read more
Ubolratana dam is the largest multi-purpose dam in the Northeast. To get there, take Highway No. 2 (Khon Kaen-Udon Thani) for 26 kilometres, turn left and drive for 24 kilometres. The dams is across the Phong river at the pass connecting Phu Kao and Phu Phan mountains. The view at the dam is magnificent. Tourists regularly frequent the area to look at the lake and sample local delicacies, includin... read more
This dam can be reached by taking Highway No. 209 (Kalasin - Maha Sarakham) for 10 kilometres, turn right and drive for 26 kilometres. This earth dam is 33 metres high from water level and is 7.8 kilometres long. The dam is built across the Pao and Huai Yang rivers, creating a double reservoir. It was built to alleviate floods, help agriculture and is also used for fish breeding. The beach along t... read more
เขื่อนปากมูล เป็นเขื่อนหินถมแกนดินเหนียวสร้างกั้นแม่น้ำมูลที่บ้านหัวเหว่ อำเภอโขงเจียม มีความสูง 17 เมตร ยาว 300 เมตร อำนวยประโยชน์ในด้านการเกษตรและผลิตกระแสไฟฟ้า เขื่อนปากมูลอยู่ห่าง จากตัวเมืองอุบลราชธานีประมาณ 75 กม. ห่างจากจุดบรรจบของแม่น้ำมูลและแม่น้ำโขงประมาณ 6 กม. สันของเขื่อนปากมูลสามารถใช้เป็นเส้นทางลัดจากอำเภอโขงเจียม ไปอำเภอสิรินธรได้โดยไม่ต้อง ย้อนไปอำเภอพิบูลมังสาหาร นอกจากนี้บริเวณท้... read more
Locals come to relax, eat, fish, and enjoy the scenery at this Dam, which is under the jurisdiction of the Royal Irrigation Department. In addition, visitors can rent a long-tail boat to tour the reservoir, travel to Khlong Ki Waterfall or Khun Chon Waterfall. Each round-trip journey is about 3-4 hours there. For visitors interested in staying overnight there are lodges for rent at the Dam. The Da... read more
This is an earth-filled dam across the Lam Takhong River that flows through a crevasse. Built in 1974, its primary purpose was to divert water from above the dam for irrigation. Visitors can walk on the dam to enjoy the view of the reservoir, which has a mountain backdrop. The dam is a suitable place for relaxation when it is not hot. The dam, which is open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., is located at Tam... read more
The biggest reservoir in Central Thailand, the Pa Sak Cholasit Dam was constructed as part of the Maenam Pa Sak Royal Development Project, an initiative of King Bhumibol. Constructed in 1989, the earth (soil)-filled dam with a clay core was granted the name by His Majesty the King who presided over its opening on 25 November 1999. The Dam stretches over Lop Buri and Saraburi Provinces. It is 4,860... read more
the first water reservoir to be built in Thailand about 8 kms. from town. The reservoir was built basically info agricultural purpose. During the month of February, ten of the thousand of available include souvenir shops and restaurants. ... read more
This hydro-electric dam is situated on Kwai Noi River, 6 kms north of Thong Pha Phum or 165 kms north of Kanchanaburi. The dam is 1,019 meters long and 92 meters inches high, forms a great reservoir and the scenic beauty of lake which placed several raft and resort complexes offer opportunities for boat rides, swimming and fishing.... read more
69 kms from Kanchanaburi, and just 4 kms north of the Erawan National Park, this massive structure marks the southern most extremly of an extensive reservoir, which is part of yet another national park.... read more
A large water dam in the Amphoe Tha Muang away from the city to the South, about 14 km, the dam is the most important development project in the river Mae Klong covering an area 1.2 milion acre in Suphan Buri Province, Kanchanaburi Province, Ratchaburi, Nakhon Pathom, Samut Songkhram and Samut Sakhon 117.50 meters wide, dam length 1,650 meters, above the dam with beautiful scenery.... read more
It is far from the city Diamond 53 Km to have two-way is to the Tha Yang drove further for about 30 kilometers to the dam or to the highway 4 is about a kilometer stone.the 186-187 will have the right turn off the way for approximately 30 kilometers dam Kaeng Krachan finished the year,.Prof. high 58 meters as well as the levees to insulate Petchaburi River, the dam long 760 meters wide 8 meters ba... read more
พิพิธภัณฑ์เฉลิมพระเกียรติ และประตุ้น้ำปากพนัง เป็นโครงการพัฒนาพื้นที่ลุ่มน้ำปากพนังอันเนื่องมาจากพระราชดำริ จังหวัดนครศรีธรรมราช พัทลุงและสงขลา เป็นที่พักผ่อนหย่อนใจและอาคาร ซึ่งภายในมีห้องทรงงานส่วนพระองค์ ห้องประชุมและห้องนิทรรศการปากพนังในอดีต โครงการพัฒนาพื้นที่ลุ่มน้ำปากพนังฯ... read more